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In brief, when I left college, I taught in main stream education, first in Secondary Schools teaching Maths and Science and later in Primary schools teaching all subjects! During the eighties and nineties, I completed C&G Qualifications in Fashion and Embroidery. In 1995, I started teaching Textiles and Beadwork at a Further Education College in Leeds. Now, I teach workshops and give talks to guilds and other groups on Beadwork and Textiles, covering a wide area of England.

Usually my inspiration comes from nature and the landscape, I love colour and texture and the natural world has plenty of these. Often, I work intuitively from the image, rather than drawing designs. However, I do keep a sketchbook of ideas and photographs and sometimes hidden meanings and emotions are drawn from within me as I ponder the designs. I work with mixed media textiles, hand-made felt and beads, sometimes combining all three.

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