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'Sinagua', a mixed media textile panel

The name 'Sinagua' means 'without water'. It is
the name of the tribe who lived in dwellings carved
into the rocks in Arizona.I have chosen this title
because the texture of the beadwork, the mixed
media and the colour was inspired by Arizona and

I teach these mixed media techniques in my
workshop, 'Tantalising Textures'. The beadwork is
sculptural Peyote stitch, on a background of
mixed media textiles and creative embroidery.

If you would like information about the workshop
and a clearer photograph, please email me.

The background is Nuno felt embellished with silk fibres. The Nuno felt is made by felting Merino wool onto chiffon.  The background has been embroidered with beads and strips of woven beadwork have been added, together with branched fringing for the crest of the wave.  The panel is mounted onto a white canvas background.